Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I McPie, Oh Lover

So I am going to tell a isn't my story....but it's a story that I will be feeling the effects of for quite some time....It's about Lover.  Lover has been my Step-dog for 2 months now and he is just amazing (He only tries to chew my arm off when he wants to play I swear...really amazing!).  Lover and Plus Size Model are in love and its hilarious and weird; Lover wants Hot Body's attention so badly he drags her around by her head until she gives in (shakes until she passes out from fear....he would never hurt her...on purpose); and Lover get so jealous of both of them when we are all snuggling that all 85 lbs of him climbs on top of me and joins is heaven heaven heaven.  I jest but I really do love this Cataheeler, one of the best things I have gained from moving in to this house with Owl.  There IS something though, Lover is not good with cats.....the story begins....

Owl had plans to hang out with her friends Mr. and Mrs. Brisk...they have a young cat.  Owl was already out with Lover when it was almost time to be at the house of Brisk so she called to say she had Lover with her and would that be ok as he is not good with cats...Mrs. Brisk said her cat is afraid of dogs and would stay away so not to worry, Owl agreed.  For the record, this was a mutually bad decision between Owl and Mrs. Brisk, but when you are excited to see someone you don't think about these things.  Before you know it, it's 1:00am and I am hearing this story from Owl but she started from the end which is that the cat was stupidly hanging around and Lover chased her, grabbed her off a fence and locked her down.......with his mouth.  Owl and Mr. Brisk pulled Lover away and the cat limped inside.  The next day, Tuesday, Owl received a call from Mrs. Brisk to immediately call the vet who was treating the cat, it was bad.  The vet explained to Owl "Your Lover really did a number on this cat...the fact is the cat will never be the same.  Your Lover has caused complete muscular separation of the cat's front left leg and body.  It's just awful what your Lover has done, the cat will either need 8 months of physical therapy and then an amputation or we will need to put the cat down...but there is good news Owl, yes there is......Your Lover caused the cat such incredible nerve damage that she doesn't feel a thing!"  Oh Lover what have you done!!!  This is not good.

Owl hasn't had the best luck lately and this did not help at all, she has hardly been able to look at Lover for 2 days now.  I know it will be fine (not for the cat) but the fact is, a dog is a dog... and we can't expect even juvenile human obedience from a dog.  As a lifelong pet owner, it's easy to know how this can be forgotten.  Lover is one of the smartest dogs I have ever known, but he is a puppy, an animal puppy, a fast and strong animal puppy full of fast and strong animal puppy energy and sometimes a cat is in the wrong place at the wrong time.......well, sometimes Lover is too.

P.S. FYI, Owl rescued Lover 8 months ago when he was 6 months old.  She just spoke to the original owner yesterday and it turns out Owl spent his first 6 months on a farm killing rodents, and herding maybe "Lover is not good with cats" is an at peace cat, we do feel really awful.

P.P.S.  Hot Body and Plus Size Model would be upset if they knew I was writing about Lover and not how will I keep them from finding out you might ask?  People......they are dogs, they can't read!